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Read this before you book the free call:

Dear Friend,

My name is Ashique Abdullah, the Founder of Ashtech Media.

Since 2008, I’ve been practising copywriting and direct response marketing to run my businesses successfully in three different industries: real estate, vacation rental, and e-business consulting.

There’s a good chance that my team and I can help you increase your revenue by giving you a custom content strategy tailored for your business …but the only way to know for sure is to have a quick conversation with you.

So, the first step is… to schedule a free strategy call.

You will not be talking to a salesperson. You will be speaking with me.

Although it’s free of charge, there’s no obligation for you to hire us or become a paying client.

So please realize this conversation is NOT going to be a sales pitch in disguise or one of those “high pressure” calls that are disguised as “strategy sessions”.

This is going to be like a premium strategy call that other marketing consultants would normally charge you at least $500 for.

Regardless of whether or not we work together, I promise you’ll get real value right out of the gate.

The purpose of this conversation is to demonstrate so much immediate value that you’ll ask about becoming a client and putting us to work on helping you grow your brand.

But you literally have to ask about working together. Otherwise, we won’t even bring it up.

I will diagnose exactly what you need to do during this call and bring all of my experience to your business. I’ll provide you with a verbal marketing plan to grow your company. After that, if you want, we can discuss about potentially working together.

If you’ve got a business that’s already up and running, there’s no doubt we can help you scale it through content marketing.
…Which is why I’m perfectly willing to “risk” my time by giving you a premium strategy session for free.

Here’s Exactly What Happens On The Call

Like I said, I’ve been consulting business owners as well as running my own businesses since 2008.

I’ve found that most of the time, the reason the business isn’t growing is because the owner (you) is so overwhelmed with all the marketing tactics that you can’t figure out the RIGHT strategy that can work best for your business.

So rather than trying to “show off” by giving you a long list of things you could potentially do to make content marketing profitable …we do the opposite.

We take the time to carefully analyze everything that’s going on in your business and use that data to find the ONE STRATEGY to implement right now that will move you closest to your goal in the shortest period of time.

No more overwhelm. No more over-work. No “tricks” or “hacks”.

Just simple steps that are based on data, facts, and math.

This Simple Approach Is What Lets Us Bring RESULTS For Our Clients.

In the event you choose to become a client, you’ll need to pay $2000 and we will make a Custom Marketing Blueprint based on the strategy session. Then you can work on the blueprint by yourself or you can pass it to your in-house marketing team (if you got one) to implement it for you.

If you don’t have a dedicated team for content marketing, you can choose us to implement the Custom Marketing Blueprint for you. In that case, we will strive to deliver you the results that you seek for.

Our aim is to help you measurably make MORE money than our fee, so that you can continue taking our done-for-you services on an ongoing basis.

But we can talk about you becoming a client after our first conversation …and only if you specifically ask about it.

For now, I’d like the opportunity to simply PROVE we can help you …by actually helping you for free.

However, this free strategy session is not for everyone.

Here’s Who This Is For:

This free strategy call is ideally for an established business that has a monthly revenue of at least $20,000 USD.

If you’re a startup who’s not making enough sales per month, but have secured enough funding to invest in marketing your products and services, you’re also welcome to schedule the free strategy call.

However… PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS CALL if you are brand new to business, do not have a product to sell, or cannot afford to invest money on marketing.

This call is designed for business owners and marketing directors.

So if you meet the above requirements and thus qualify for the call, please press the button below and submit your application for the free strategy session.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

To Your Online Success,

Ashique Abdullah

P.S. If you’re already selling products or services online and you want to increase your sales… there’s a high chance that we can help you grow your brand through content marketing.

This strategy session is simply to PROVE we can help you …by actually helping you for free.

However, submitting the application will not guarantee our conversation.

We stand by our promise to make content marketing profitable for you and if I can’t see that working out, I’ll suggest alternative resources or contacts.

Moreover, we can’t help you if you don’t have a business yet, or you don’t have a product to sell, or you can’t afford to invest money on marketing… So please do not book the call if that’s you.

Finally… if you don’t show up for your booked call, we won’t reschedule.

Ashique was great, he spent the time to really hone out a solidified strategy for my content marketing (campaign). He knows both the tactical side of content as well as the technical side of an effective communication strategy. He is a great resource. I know we’ll be in touch again soon.

Ryan Wegman

Affiliate Marketing Expert, Surge Marketing Inc (USA)

I had a one to one consultation with Mr Ashique regarding how can I find a niche to target for my social media management agency, how to find customers on social media networks and how should I pitch them.

Tbh I’m impressed by his knowledge and expertise and would recommend that if you’re confused regarding how to get started in business, you should give him at least a try.

Askari Rizvi

Founder and CEO, Riz Media Ltd (Pakistan)

Hey Ashique, hereby I want to express my appreciation for the great advice you have given me! You have been very helpful! I would highly recommend your servcies to anyone!

Warm regards,

Koen Deelman

Social Media Agency Owner, DGM (Netherlands)

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